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our Story & our mission

New Beginnings: The Birth of Inaury

Unforeseen Challenges Inspire a Pursuit of Passion

When our father's health took a turn and work was no longer an option for him, our mother found herself at a crossroads. It dawned on her that following her dreams was not just about personal fulfillment, but also about securing a stable future for them both. Our parents, like many dedicated immigrants, had devoted their life's resources to our upbringing and well-being, with their personal retirement fund invariably taking a back seat.

Yet, despite these circumstances, our mother's resolve was unshakeable. A fervent passion for jewelry was already embedded within her, and she was confident that she could mold this love into a flourishing business. It would not only provide for our parents, but also serve as a beacon for others, demonstrating the power of pursuing one's dreams. From this blend of determination and passion, Inaury was born.

We're not just a business; we're a passionate mother-daughter team crafting a legacy of beauty and craftsmanship through our curated, or designed pieces.

We value high-quality over mass-production. Our curated collections may be smaller, but they represent our commitment to superior craftsmanship and design in every piece of our exquisite Indian and Pakistani jewelry.

Based in the US, we strive to bring Indian and Pakistani jewelry near you, ensuring quick delivery and minimizing waiting time for your favorite pieces. Our commitment to providing top-notch customer support, maintaining a personal touch.

our mission

At, our mission is to celebrate the rich heritage and intricate craftsmanship of Indian and Pakistani jewelry. We are committed to bridging the gap across the oceans, making South Asian jewelry more accessible to a global audience.

We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional selection of culturally inspired, high-quality jewelry that not only enhances their beauty but also connects them to the traditions and artistry of the subcontinent. We are dedicated to offering a unique and memorable jewelry shopping experience that reflects the beauty and diversity of South Asian culture, bringing the allure of these jewels to the world.

A Fun Fact: The Living Room Studio

Behind the Scenes at Inaury

A fun fact about Inaury's journey that most people don't know is that we handle all our photography and video needs right from the heart of our home - our living room. Yes, you read that right! The dazzling product shots and captivating videos that grace our website and social media platforms are all produced in-house, quite literally. A corner of our living room, that has been transformed into a bustling creative studio, is where all the magic happens. From the early stages of product placement to the final touches in post-production, each step is meticulously managed under our own roof. This unique approach not only adds a personal touch to our brand but also showcases the authenticity and dedication that goes into bringing Inaury to life. Also, we have no budget for professional photographers!